Post Date: July 29, 2021

AP Global switches to Procore Technologies!!

AP Global is committed to their projects, partnerships, and their subcontractors. Project coordination and communication are key to an effective work environment. We have recently switched over to the Procore Project Management Software to better serve our clients.
With Procore Technologies everything will be in one place for all involved in the project. AP Global is starting to implement this new program and there are many exciting things that will be happening at our job sites!!! With implementing this software there will no longer be limitations from traditional, paper-based processes where you never know for sure that you’re working from the most up-to-date set of plans or information. Any information you need is right on your phone app! You can see the detailed plans and any new up-to-date changes right from one place. Without this centralized, cloud-based program that holds all the project data, the odds increase that someone along the way will be working from incorrect information, forcing frequent trips and lost time. AP Global will no longer have to worry about that!
Procore also allows workers to take and send pictures from the site that the leadership team can view from anywhere. We are looking forward to using this Procore software program!!
For more information on Procore you can check out their website at

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