Post Date: September 26, 2022

Project UPDATE time for you Mesa, AZ!!!!

Your Cobblestone Auto Spa is looking great and AP Global Contractors has put together the right team for this particular job!! The outside of the building is spot on and inside we have many different things happening. The plumbing is getting finalized and the welders are in there making sure everything fits just right!  HVAC systems are installed and working great!  The light fixtures are installed and light up beautifully.  Lastly the cabinetry and furniture is being brought in and installed. Mesa your Cobblestone Auto Spa is looking great and is almost ready!!

With so many tasks being done at once the project manager and superintendent have a sometimes overlooked job but yet it is the most important. They are responsible for keeping everything on task and all communication open and flowing through all the teams. These projects can’t get done without the proper time management and a constant eye over the job as a whole through all of the building phases.

When the doors are open Mesa you will be the first to know!!! Follow us here for the next and final update!

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