SSCW Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ

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  • April 24, 2023
Project Description

We have 2 current projects (plus another one breaking ground next month) in Tucson, AZ!

And for this one on East Speedway Blvd, the end is near!

The final stages of a build require careful attention to detail, effective communication, and dedication to delivering a high-quality end result. It’s a culmination of hard work and a satisfying moment when the signs are hung and the building is near the finish line.

As we focus on the finishing touches, we always celebrate the successful realization of a vision into a physical structure. The next time you hear about this location, the doors will be open!

We are excited to share the next phase of building this state-of-the-art car wash in Tucson, AZ! We call this the ‘walls going up’ phase.

During this phase, you can expect to see:

  1. Vertical progress: with the foundation solidly in place, our skilled construction team has started erecting the walls of our building. As these walls rise, the project’s design and form will take shape, giving us a glimpse of the final structure.
  2. Structural integrity: We take immense pride in adhering to the highest construction standards. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the structural integrity of the building, utilizing quality materials and precise craftsmanship at every step.
  3. Safety measures: As always, the safety of our workers remains a top priority.

We will continue to give you sneak peeks into the development of this and other projects at

The lot has been chosen, the ground has been marked and we at AP Global Contractors are in Tucson, AZ breaking ground on a brand-new Super Star Car Wash!!  We are happy to be on East Speedway Boulevard preparing the ground for every step that we make moving forward.  Continue to follow us right here for all future updates!!  You can also find our Facebook and LinkedIn @apglobalcontractors

  • Location

    5225 East Speedway Blvd Tucson, Az

  • Client

    Super Star Car Wash