Cobblestone Express in Goodyear, AZ

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  • March 29, 2022
Project Description

In honor of this Thanksgiving week we are asking you to share something you are thankful for?

We at AP Global have a lot to be thankful for and if we were to name a few….

We are ever so thankful for our amazing staff, contractors, and partnerships!! We are grateful to work along side all of you everyday!!

Because of all these individuals AP Global Contractors are proud to introduce a brand new Cobblestone Car Wash on West Yuma Road in Goodyear, Az!!! So if you are in the area be sure to check out our work and maybe even get yourself a car wash. The wash tunnels ran by top of the line equipment and there are more than enough vacuum stalls for everyone!

At AP Global we pride ourselves on getting the job done above expectation and in a timely manner. Our reputation is important to us so we will give every job with our name on it every bit of the attention needed to complete it!  To follow along on other projects we have going on please continue to follow us here and on our Facebook page @apglobalcontractors




































The Steel and Walls are up at Cobblestone Express.

Every phase is important and with the amazing team we have put together at AP Global Contractors we are excited to share with you the progress that has been made in Goodyear, AZ!!!





















Goodyear, Arizona Cobblestone Express is coming to you right on Yuma Road!!

AP Global Contractors are geared up to start this new project!!  We gathered the best team possible and we are ready for each phase of this beautiful car wash!!

The first phase is starting now as we prepare the ground for its solid foundation!!  This car wash tunnel will be filled with top of the line car wash equipment and when you exit not only will you see the building but you will have access to the FREE vacuums!!!

  • Location

    16830 West Yuma Road. Goodyear, AZ

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    Cobblestone Express