SSCW Brighton, Colorado

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  • March 20, 2023
Project Description

❄️ Ready or not, winter is on its way! ❄️

In Colorado, it’s very common for driveways, walkways and parking lots to be installed with an underlying heating system. The attention to detail when installing this system is crucial for it to work properly and help prevent ice buildup. We want to ensure that this location in Brighton, Colorado will be safe and prepared for the upcoming winter weather!

🎵 Woahhhh we’re HALFWAY there… 🎶

We are thrilled to share that we’re officially halfway through building this Super Star car wash in Brighton, CO! Our team is working tirelessly to construct a state-of-the-art facility that will leave each car gleaming!

We are grateful for the loyal and trusting partnership we have built with Super Star Car Wash!

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As you know, AP Global Contractors has moved into Colorado, and we are currently breaking ground on our 3rd Colorado project!!  We have a strong team working on this build and are excited to turn this blank canvas into an innovative new wash.  We are also expanding throughout the state as this Super Star Car Wash project is in Brighton, CO!  Stay tuned for more Colorado updates!

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  • Location

    59 N 50th Ave Brighton, Colorado

  • Client

    Super Star Car Wash